Will Ratcliff was born and raised in Berkeley, California. He studied plant biology at UC Davis and quickly found out he was more interested in evolution and ecology than the molecular doings of Arabadopsis. He did his PhD at the University of Minnesota with of R. Ford Denison, working on the evolutionary maintenance of cooperation in the legume-rhizobium mutualism. In December 2009, Will and Mike Travisano began trying to evolve multicellularity in the lab. What started out as a ‘cool side project’ quickly became the main focus of his research. When not staring at his computer, Will enjoys gardening, biking, baking bread, playing guitar, shooing squirrels out of the chicken coop, and backpacking. Oh yeah, and being a dad, that’s pretty great too. Backyard bounty, summer 2011. About Evolution of multicellularity, bet hedging and microbial cooperation F1 #1, 2015 Obligatory academics jumping photo, 2015 Demonstrating snowflake yeast growth and reproduction, 2015 My dog Pippin. Fool of a Took!. 2015. F1 #2, 2015 We even have chickens 2015